Financial Studies & Analysis Division

Financial Studies & Analysis Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri M. A. Imam

Activity of  Financial Studies & Analysis Division
  1. Preparation of Annual publication of book titled "Electricity Tariff & Duty and Average rates of Electricity Supply in India" by analyzing the Tariff Orders issued by respective State Electricity Regulatory Commissions.
  2. Collection and Compilation of Subsidy and Electricity Duty data from various Power Utilities/ DISCOMS.
  3. Collection and Compilation of Regulatory Assets data from various SERC/JERCs.
  4. Collection, compilation and analysis of "Rate of Sale of power" data from various conventional Generating Utilities and Preparation of Annual report on "Rate of Sale of power".
  5. Calculation of WARSP(Weighted Average Rate of Sale of Power) of Category wise, Region wise, fuel wise and sector wise (CPSUs and Private Utilities) etc.
  6. Collection and Compilation of data from various CPSUs regarding monthly outstanding dues payable to CPSUs by SEBs/DISCOMs/Power Utilities and prepare a monthly statement and sent to Ministry of Power.
  7. Analysis of Financial data and different Tariff Structures of Distribution Companies.
  8. Providing assistance to different Divisions of CEA and Ministry of Power on matters pertaining to Retail tariff, Generation tariff and Outstanding Dues of DISCOMs payable to CPSU generating companies.
  9. Collection and Compilation of monthly Generation Tariff data from Generating Utilities (CPSUs and Private) to assist the working group of Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIT) setup to review the existing series of Whole Sale Price Index (WPI) of electricity. The compiled information is supplied on monthly basis.
  10. Compilation and Analysis of Generation tariff of North- Eastern and Eastern region of India for finalize the tariff of Chukha hydroelectric project in Bhutan.
  11. Preparing the replies of parliament questions, VIP references, queries for Standing Committee and RTls on matters pertaining to working of FS&A division.