Distribution Monitoring Division

Distribution Monitoring Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Vivek Goyal

Activity of Distribution Monitoring Division
    1. 24x7 power for all monitoring: Monitoring of Feeder data for duration of Power supply and Outage -in National Power Portal (NPP).
    2. Matters related to Schemes of GOI (DDUGJY, IPDS, Saubhagya Schemes etc) in distribution sector.
    3. Award Scheme for Meritorious Performance in the Distribution sector.
    4. Guidelines for preparation of Universal Feeders Code in Distribution sector.
    5. Monitoring of Distribution Projects sanctioned by GOI (Projects other than GOI schemes such as under PMDP2015 etc).
    6. Data Collection, Analysis and Preparation of Periodic Reports for:
      1. RI Data
      2. Village electrification
      3. Pump set energization
      4. Capex data
      5. DT failures
    7. Cases on RTI / Parliament / Complaint, ISO, Rajya Sabha etc.

Distribution Monitoring Division - Other Reports