Financial & Commercial Appraisal Division

Financial & Commercial Appraisal Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Gautam Ghosh

Activity of Financial & Commercial Appraisal Division
  1. Financial & Commercial Appraisal of Detailed Project Reports of Hydro Power Projects for Concurrence.
  2. Examination of proposals of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. For fixation of power tariff of Nuclear Power Projects.
  3. Issues related to tariff of Hydro projects of neighbouring countries like Bhutan, Nepal etc.
  4. Guidelines and Standard Biding for tariff based competitive bidding for Generation and Transmission projects.
  5. Matters related to Tariff Policy, National Electricity Policy etc.
  6. Examining the Feasibility Report (FRs), Revised Cost Estimates (RCEs) and Public Investment Board (PIB) proposals.
  7. Examination of proposals for renewable generation schemes from financial and commercial aspects
  8. Advice on financial & Commercial aspects to Central/ State/ Private and other Power Utilities/ Govt. Departments erc.
  9. Issues such as open access, rationalization and simplification of tariff.
  10. Framing reply to the Parliament questions, VIP references on above issues.