Thermal Project Monitoring Division

Thermal Project Monitoring Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri J. N. Prasad

Activity of Thermal Project Monitoring Division
  1. Monitoring the progress of construction/erection activities of the Thermal Power Projects for capacity addition in the Western(WR) and Northern(NR), Southern (SR), Eastern (ER), North East (NER) and Central Sector(CS) (NTPC/NLC/NEEPCO) Regions of the country till COD of the Units. DVC related matters.
  2. Initiation of action for timely completion (COD) of Thermal Power Projects by conducting review meetings periodically with the project authorities, executing agencies, equipment suppliers, site visits and identify critical areas leading to time & cost overruns and suggest timely remedial measures for resolving the same.
  3. Report Generation:
    1. Time & Cost overruns
    2. Monthly Broad Status
    3. Quarterly Review
    4. Thrust Area Report — (MoP)
    5. PMO Report — C.E.(Coordination)
    6. D.O. Letter — C.E. (Coordination)
    7. MIS Reports — C.E. (IRP)
    8. Reporting of progress, Monitorable targets (Monthly & Quarterly) — MoP
  4. Status updation of under construction thermal/gas based power projects in the country.
  5. Annual Report of MoP & CEA
  6. Reply to Parliament Questions, VIP references, RTI queries, matters related to Standing Committee and Hindi Raj Bhasha related works.

Thermal Project Monitoring Division - Reports

Thermal Project Monitoring Division - Other Reports