RPC Secretariat

RPC Secretariat - Brief Description

Regional Power Committee

As per Section 29(4) of the Electricity Act, 2003, Regional Power Committees have been vested with the responsibilities concerning stability and smooth operation of the regional grids with economy and efficiency. RPCs are playing an important role in managing the regional power grids and interact with the constituent states on regular basis to bring the discipline in the operation of regional grids. The functions of the Regional Power Committees, inter-alia, covers:

  1. Coordinating grid operation matters between the utilities in the region
  2. Operational planning in merit order of operation including planning outages of generators and transmission system
  3. Coordination of protection system and implementation of automatic under frequency load shedding scheme
  4. Regional Energy Accounting including operation of pool account
  5. Exploring possibilities of inter-State/inter-Regional transfer of power
  6. Certification of availability of Central generating stations and Central transmission lines.
  7. Certification of loss of generation.