Civil Design Division

Civil Design Division - Brief Description

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Activity of Civil Design Division
  1. Consultancy for Design and Engineering for Civil and Structural Works of Hydro/Thermal Power Projects and Transmission Line Projects.
  2. Appraisal of Hydro projects.
  3. Appraisal works is performed at following stages:
    a) At DPR stage: -
    (i) Preliminary comments on DPR of HEPS
    (ii) Vetting of Bill of Quantity of Civil & Hydro-Mechanical (HM) works of HEPs.
    (iii) Finalization of Construction Schedule of HEPs.
    (iv) Phasing of Cost of Civil & HM works of HEPs

    b) At PIB/DIB (Public Investment Board/ Delegated Investment Board)
    (i) PIB/DIB Cost updation of Civil & HM works of HEPs.
    (ii) Vetting of cost of Pre-construction activities.

    c) At Revised Cost Estimate (RCE) / Completion Cost Estimate stage
    (i) Vetting of Cost Estimate at completion level.
    (ii) In case of Memorandum of Changes (MoC) at RCE stage, vetting of revised bill of Quantity, Construction Schedule and Phasing of Balance and executed Civil Works.

  4. Compilation of Report on Fly Ash Generation and its Utilization.
  5. Safety Audit of TPPS.
  6. Study of availability of Water and area drainage.
  7. Valuable observations on Route alignment survey report, soil investigation Report, water pipeline corridor, coal transportation study, design of culverts and other civil engineering aspects.
  8. NGT Cases related to fly ash.

Civil Design Division - Other Reports