Distribution Planning and Technology Division

Distribution Planning and Technology Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Vivek Goel

Activity of Distribution Planning and Technology Division
  1. Technology related matters in distribution (Distribution Transformer, conductor and other equipment)
  2. Technology related matters on distribution automation, smart grid, smart homes, GIS mapping, etc.
  3. Matters regarding energy efficiency and demand side management
  4. Guidelines on new technology for investment by the distribution companies.
  5. Technical Appraisal of DPR of State / Discom/ Union Territories related to electrical distribution work.
  6. Advice to the UTs/states/Discoms regarding distribution technology and development.
  7. Distribution related issues of MNRE / EESL / BEE / REC / PFC / DONER / MEA etc.
  8. Preparation of five(5) year perspective distribution plan.
  9. Futuristic Indian Distribution Grid (N-1) redundancy in distribution: readiness, investment etc.
  10. Matters on Cyber Security Planning Policy, CERT-D
  11. Matters related to power supply to VVIP areas
  12. Matter related to BIS / CBIP / RTI / Parliament / Grievances / ISO etc.