Hydro Engineering & Technology Development and Renovation & Modernization Division

Hydro Engineering & Technology Development Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Rakesh Kumar

Activity of Hydro Engineering & Technology Development and Renovation & Modernization Division
  1. Technical Standards/Regulations work pertaining to hydro power sector.
  2. Preparation/Review of Guidelines on RM Schemes in HEPs.
  3. Examination of Electro-Mechanical chapter, bill of quantities and layout drawings for Detailed Project Report (DPR) of New hydro power plants, Lift Irrigation Schemes/ Multi-purpose Projects refereed by CWC.
  4. Examination of Revised Cost Estimates & Memorandum of Changes of HEPs for concurrence by CEA.
  5. Advice on Technology and Engineering issues to external agencies including Central/State Governments.
  6. Scrutiny of Innovative Proposals/Schemes in the field of Hydro Power as received from individuals from time to time. Technology evaluation and its up-gradation and to focus on assessment of new technology and equipment for hydro power generation.
  7. Facilitate Research & Development activities and capabilities in technology and Engineering in the field of hydro power generation and transfer of state of art technology, provide in house R&D base for adaptation. Coordination with the R&D division of Planning Wing in respect of R&D Programme in Power Sector.
  8. Examination of the proposals under National Perspective Plan (NPP) Scheme and Research Scheme of Power Sector (RSOP) of CPRI in Hydro Power Sector.
  9. Identification and finalization of Renovation and Modernization (R&M) Schemes in HEPs in the country in consultation with power generating utilities.
  10. Examination / Approval of DPRs for R&M Works in hydro power Stations of Central/State Utilities on request of ERCs/ Governments.
  11. Monitoring of implementation of R&M Schemes in Hydro Electric Projects in the Country and preparation of Quarterly Report.
  12. Assistance to power generating utilities/ Government Departments in preparation of DPRs for new Hydro Electric Projects and R&M Schemes in HEPs.
  13. Providing Inputs for fixing MLC of E&M equipment & draft clauses of PPP-MII order in respect of Hydro Power to be issued by Ministry of Power, as and when required.
  14. Examination of representations from various associations/manufacturers in light of latest PPP-MII order & other relevant MoP & DPIIT orders.
  15. To scrutinize the tenders valued Rs. 500 crore & above floated for Public procurement in respect of compliance with PPP-MII orders.
  16. Technical studies relating to Hydro Generation norms and investigations into any mishap or accident on the project sites.
  17. Technical support to other divisions in CEA on Hydro Engineering & Technology including foreign assistance / Bilateral Co-operation with other countries.
  18. Design, Engineering & (Principal/review) consultancy services for E&M works related to hydro power plants.
  19. Safety audit of Hydro generating station/substation etc. as per CEA (safety requirement for construction, O&M of electric plant and electric lines) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022 indicating its findings, recommendations and best practices being followed.
  20. Miscellaneous works like VIP references, Parliament Questions, Parliament Standing Committee on Energy/Consultative Committee, RTI queries and technical work of committees including BIS committees.