Hydro Engineering & Technology Development Division

Hydro Engineering & Technology Development Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Rakesh Kumar

Activity of Hydro Engineering & Technology Development Division
  1. To take up the consultancy work, which broadly includes finalization of main parameters of power house & alt major electrical and mechanical equipment/systems.
  2. Prepare & release the specifications; to scrutinize various technical bids of various electromechanical equipment received from Project Authority and send comments/ recommendation on technical suitability.
  3. To prepare from beginning to final release of the drawing ensuring inclusion of all relevant details as per the requirement of the system/tender specifications/manufactures details & drawings.
  4. Vetting of CWC drawings related to project.
  5. Scrutiny of manufacturer's drawings as per specifications and other site constraints.
  6. Inspection & testing of equipment, vetting of test reports & certificates & recommendation to project authorities, advice to project authorities on problems during construction & commissioning.
  7. Technical advice/assistance wherever required in post commissioning problem/issues.
  8. Identification of R&D/technology gaps in hydro power generation.
  9. Preparation & examination of the chapter on Electrical & Mechanical equipment, related drawings and bill of quantities of the Detailed Project Report