Hydro Project Monitoring Division

Hydro Project Monitoring Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Manoj Tripathi

Activity of Hydro Project Monitoring Division
  1. Monitoring of under construction hydroelectric projects (HEPs) through site visits, interaction with the developers & other stake holders.
  2. Receipt & analysis of monthly Progress Report of Under Construction HEP.
  3. Holding review meetings quarterly or as & when required with the developers & other stake holders to short out critical issues/activities.
  4. Time and cost overrun computation and analysis of under construction Hydro Projects.
  5. Compilation & Circulation of Monthly & Quarterly Progress Report of Under Construction Hydro Electric Projects.
  6. Preparation of Fortnightly report on issues needing PMO attention & Flash Report.
  7. Compilation & finalization of annual hydroelectric capacity addition programme, target & achievement.
  8. Reply to parliament questions, VIP reference/Standing Committee/ Consultative Committee
  9. Allotment of contractual disputes of CPSUs/ statutory bodies under MoP to various CCIE panels
  10. Monitoring of Independent Engineers/ CCIE mechanism of Dispute Avoidance/Dispute Resolution
  11. Monitoring of the Expenditure of State / Private Sector Hydro Projects under National Infrastructure Pipeline.
  12. Vetting of time overrun cases of CPSUs hydro projects.
  13. Feedback Mechanism for geological investigations in hydro projects