National Power Committee Division

National Power Committee Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Smt. Rishika Sharan

Activity of National Power Committee Division
  1. To Analysis and monitoring of grid disturbances on regional/ national basis.
  2. Monitoring the implementation of recommendations of the grid disturbances Enquiry Committee and recommendations of Ramakrishna Task Force, ensuring third party protection audit in all state / regional/national entities on regular basis (regular work),
  3. Implementation and monitoring of FGMO/RGMO across the country).
  4. Analysis and finalization of frequency response of national grid on regular basis.
  5. Setting of UFR on regional/national basis, setting of PSS tuning, URTDSM project and any other grid security issues as and when comes to the notice.
  6. All Works related to PSDF including examination of DPRs for funding from PSDF and preparing their appraisal report, allocation of funds, supervision of various schemes under implementation through PSDF etc.
  7. Prepare the agenda and minutes for the committee proceedings.
  8. To follow-up action on the decision taken in the Committee meetings to collect from constituent members or other offices or any other party as may be directed by Committee, such information as may be considered useful for the efficient discharge of functions of the Committee and place the information before the Committee.
  9. To resolve issue among Regional Power Committees (NPC).
  10. To discuss and resolve issues referred to NPC requiring consultation among one or more RPCs , issues having inter-regional implication or any other issue affecting more than one region or all regions
  11. Decisions taken in the NPC shall be put up to respective RPCs for implementation