Official Language Policy

The Central Electricity Authority was notified in the Gazette of the Government in 1976 in pursuance of sub-rule 4 of Rule 10 of the Official Language Rules, 1976. Under sub-rule 4 of Rule 8, all officers and employees having proficiency in Hindi were assigned to carry out their entire official work in Hindi.
Quarterly meetings of Official Language Implementation Committee
As per the orders issued by the Department of Official Language, the Rajbhasha Implementation Committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of the Chairman, KVipra in the Central Electricity Authority, in which all the divisions and sections are headed by its members. Its meeting is held every quarter. In these meetings, the progress made in relation to the implementation of the Official Language Policy in the Central Electricity Authority and the achievements made by the Department of Official Language in comparison to the targets set by the Department of Official Language are reviewed and various decisions of the Central Electricity Authority in relation to the decisions taken in the previous meeting of the Committee. Follow-up action taken by the divisions is discussed.
Specifying the divisions under Rule 10 (4) of the Official Language Rules, 1976
Under Rule 10 (4) of the Official Language Rules, 1976, out of the total 53 divisions / sections of CEA, all the work in 33 specified divisions / sections like all documents, noting, drafting to be issued as per Section 3 (3) of Official Language Act. , Office orders, letters etc. are being issued in Hindi / Bilingual form. All letters received in Hindi are being answered in Hindi.
Hindi Fortnight Celebration
Hindi Fortnight was organized in Central Electricity Authority from 11/09/2019 to 25/09/2019. Hindi fortnight was inaugurated by the Chairman of Central Electricity Authority on 11.9.2019. A large number of officers / employees including all the members of CEA, Secretaries and Chief Engineers participated in it. On this occasion, a cultural program including a workshop on "Cyber ​​Security" was also organized. During the Hindi fortnight, 4 competitions namely Hindi essay writing, Hindi commentary and drafting, Hindi paragraph writing (for MTS only) and Rajbhasha Rules / Acts and General Knowledge Competition of Hindi Language / Literature were organized. 94 officials and employees participated enthusiastically in these competitions.
The award distribution ceremony was held on 25/09/2019. In this ceremony, 12 winners were given cash prizes and citations. During 2018-19, 10 employees who were noting and drafting in Hindi were rewarded under the incentive scheme. Under the incentive scheme for officers to give dictation in Hindi, an officer was given a cash award and a citation. The Chairperson congratulated the officers / employees who received the award and appealed to other employees to do more and more of their government work in Hindi. In addition, DP&R Division and PDM Division were awarded the "Chal Vyjayanti" Shield.
Organizing Hindi workshop
This office is regularly organizing Hindi workshops for the implementation of the Official Language Policy. This type of Hindi workshops are organized by the officers and employees of CEA to remove the hesitation of working in Hindi and to reduce the difficulties faced by increasing the use of Hindi in the office.
Purchase of Hindi books
There is a library in this office. Hindi books are purchased regularly in the library every financial year. Hindi newspapers and Hindi magazines are also purchased regularly in the library.
Bilingual work on PC
Currently all the computers in this office have the facility to work bilingually.