Renewable Policy & Technology

Renewable Policy & Technology - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri M. M. Dhakate

Activity of Renewable Policy and Technology Division
  1. Policy matters related to development of Renewable Energy (RE) sources.
  2. Evaluation, up-gradation and assessment of new technologies for Renewable Energy (RE) generations.
  3. Matters related to Design, Engineering & Technology for Renewable Energy (RE) Projects.
  4. Review of Technical Standards and Regulations pertaining to RE Sector.
  5. Facilitate R&D in the field of new technology and adaptation of technologies for renewable power generation.
  6. Matters related to bilateral Co-operation with other countries.
  7. Co-ordination of technical matters related to integration of renewable including balancing sources requirements, energy storage etc.
  8. Parliament Questions, VIP references, RTI matter, matter related to Standing committees and other committees, ISO related work etc.
  9. Safety audit of renewable generating stations as per CEA (safety requirement for construction, O&M of electric plant and electric lines) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022 indicating its findings, recommendations and best practices being followed.

Renewable Policy & Technology - Reports

Renewable Policy & Technology - Other Reports