Power System Project Monitoring Division

Power System Project Monitoring Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Sh. Y.K. Swarnkar

Activity of Power System Project Monitoring Division
  1. Obtain progress data of transmission project through online portal(NPP)
  2. Preparation of exception report on transmission works.
  3. Preparation of Programme of construction of transmission work for next year.
  4. Assistance in obtaining Right of Ways (RoW) clearance, Forest clearance, Railways line crossing, NH/SH crossing clearance, Power line crossing clearance, Civil/Defense clearance, PTCC clearance and other statutory clearances
  5. Monthly Progress Report of:
    1. Transmission Line & substations in the country,
    2. Critical Transmission Projects under Central,
    3. State and Private Sector, Transmission System associated with Generation Projects,
    4. Transmission System associated with Green Energy Corridor (GEC),
    5. Transmission Projects awarded through Tariff Based Competitive Bidding Route,
    6. Transmission Lines & Substation covered in RFD Program,
    7. Inter-Regional - Interstate Transmission Schemes and Central Funded Schemes.
  6. Publication of book on transmission works for current year and last five-year plan.
  7. Reply of Parliament Questions / VIP reference on Transmission works.
  8. RTI/Grievance queries

Power System Project Monitoring Division - Reports

Power System Project Monitoring Division - Other Reports