Thermal Project Renovation & Modernisation Division

Thermal Project Renovation & Modernisation Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Narender Singh

Activity  of  Thermal Project Renovation & Modernisation Division
  1. Monitoring and coordination of implementation of R&M /LE of Thermal Projects.
  2. Preparation/ reviewing of RoM/LE guidelines.
  3. Coordination for R&M works of Thermal Projects.
  4. Preparation of a policy for running agent thermal power plants.
  5. Implementation of new environmental norms like FGD system installation, combustion modification and upgradation of ESP in Thermal Power Plants for SO2, NOx, and SPM compliance respectively.
  6. Approval/ review of the feasibility reports of FGD technology for thermal power plants as requested by CERC/SERC.
  7. Updation of status of Key performance indicator (KPI) pertaining to flexible operation (55%) of thermal power plants in connection with vision documents of Sectoral Group of Secretaries (SGoS-3) and making generating units capable of 55% load operation as per the target of MOP.
  8. Projecting year-wise gypsum production from thermal power plants and creating a web portal of ID gypsum to deal with the matters of Circular Economy in Gypsum.
  9. Studies on flexible operation/ low load operation (40%)/ ramping up / down of Thermal Generating units for lowering the technical limit without oil support for smooth integration of renewable generation.
  10. Execution of international cooperation in thermal generating units including implementation of MoU on 'India - Japan Co-operation for Study on efficiency and environmental improvement of coal-fired power stations.'

Thermal Project Renovation & Modernisation Division - Other Reports