Integrated Resource Planning-II

Integrated Resource Planning-II - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Smt. Ammi Ruhama Toppo

Integrated Resource Planning-II
    RA Studies- NR, SR, ER&NER

  1. Carrying out State specific Resource Adequacy Studies for Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Northeastern Region and hand-holding the States of the Region in preparation of Long Term Discom Resource Adequacy Plan (LT-DRAP).
  2. Reliability analysis studies for Supply-side management of power systems and recommend measures to all stakeholders to improve the power scenario.
  3. Periodically vetting the LT-DRAP Plan of Discom/Utilities of Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Northeastern Region.
    Assistance to States

  1. To provide assistance to State/Discom of Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Northeastern Region in planning the optimal mix of resources for economical generation of electrical energy, keeping in view indigenous resource availability, cost of imported fuels, and environmental implications.
    Allocation of CGS Power

  1. Allocation of power from Central Generating Station under MoU route.

  1. Preparation of presentation/Speeches for inaugural sessions, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  2. Association with various committees, councils, etc. in the power sector.
  3. Preparation of material/replies to Parliament Questions, references from VIPs and MoP, standing committee on energy, power utilities, etc.