Clean Energy and Energy Transition Division

Clean Energy and Energy Transition Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Vijay Menghani

Activity of Clean Energy and Energy Transition Division
  1. Adoption of measures which strive for affordable and clean energy.
  2. Sustainable development and facilitating achieving the Sustainable development goal-7 (SDG-7) - Affordable and Clean Energy: "affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all" by 2030.
  3. Environmental protection and conservation issues related to power sector (compilation and analysis of monthly environmental data of power sector).
  4. Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) policies/environment improvement programmes under bi-lateral and multi-lateral co-operations etc.
  5. Development of Carbon Dioxide Baseline database (Annual) for the Indian Power Sector.
  6. Identifying challenges to energy transition and suggesting remedial measures.
  7. Equitable, Just, and inclusive transition.
  8. Clean energy transition mechanism and road map.
  9. Challenges to energy transition and solutions.
  10. Performance of Waste to Energy (i.e. use of biomass, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Agro residue etc.)
  11. Policy and Regulatory issues related to energy transition.
  12. Coordination of activities pertaining to energy transition measures.
  13. Coordination of performance related activities in the field of RE, e-mobility and Hydrogen applications.

Clean Energy and Energy Transition Division - Reports