Hydro Project Planning & Investigation Division

Hydro Project Planning & Investigation Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Sharvan Kumar

Activity of Hydro Project Planning & Investigation Division
  1. Formulation of Policy for sustainable Hydro Power development.
  2. Formulate long-term hydro power development plan and coordinate with planning wing for preparation of National Electricity Plan.
  3. Fast tracking and assistance to Developers in DPR preparation under the new procedure of DPR submission for projects costing more than 1000 Crores (the sum specified by Central Government time-to-time).
  4. Monitoring of Survey and Investigation works of HE Projects.
  5. Advising Central Government on the matters relating to Indus Water Treaty (WI), bilateral and multilateral agreements on cooperation with neighboring countries for hydropower development.
  6. Cumulative Environment Impact Assessment studies.
  7. Fixation of Generation Targets of H.E Stations in the Country.
  8. Project Planning and Project Optimization Studies for H.E Projects.
  9. Monitoring of Generation of HEPS (above 25 MW).
  10. Preparation of following Reports:
    • a. Annual report on Review of Performance of H.E Stations in the Country.
    • b. Annual report on Hydro Generation Performance Data.
    • c. Quarterly Report on Hydro Scene of India.
    • d. Quarterly Progress Report of H.E. Schemes under Survey & Investigation in the Country.
    • e. State wise reports on Hydro Electric Potential Development.
    • f. Monitoring of Implementation of Early Warning System in HEPs.
  11. Matters relating to Expert Body of MOEF on upper reaches of Ganga.
  12. Cooperation with neighboring countries as well as International Cooperation like Nepal, Bhutan, China, Myanmar etc. incl. tariff matters for Chukha, Mangdechhu etc.
  13. Matters relating to Standing Committee on Energy/ Consultative Committee/ Demand for Grant.
  14. Matters relating to Technical Advisory Committee of MOW, BBMB, Brahmaputra Board, UYRB, NWDA, NCA, SSRRC etc.
  15. All Matters related to Existing Hydro Electric Potential and its Development in the Country. Preparation of Monthly Status of Hydro Electric Potential Development in India.
  16. All matters related to Pumped Storage Hydro Electric Projects and Schemes in the country.
  17. Preparation of State wise / Basin wise Notes on Hydro Electric Potential Development and Periodical Review of State wise/ Region wise /Basin wise Hydro Electric Potential Development.
  18. Matters relating to Tidal Power Development.
  19. Matters relating to Standing Technical Committee (STC) on conversion of storage to ROR scheme.
  20. Coordination of Basin wise Reassessment of Hydroelectric potential in the Country.
  21. Consultancy Services for preparation of power chapters in connection with preparation of DPR.