Operation Performance Monitoring Division

Operation Performance Monitoring Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Lalrinsanga (In-charge)

Activity of Operation Performance Monitoring Division
  1. Data Collection and compilation on generation (Thermal, Hydro & Nuclear (around 450 Stations and 1700 Units)), Outages of Units (Coal /Lignite /Nuclear) of generating power plants (25MW and above) in the country and preparation of Daily Generation Report (DGR).
  2. Preparation of 18 col Report twice (Tentative and Actual) on monthly basis based upon the monthly generation and evaluation of plant load factor (PLF) of power plants.
  3. Analysis of generation performance source / Region/ Sector/Utility/ Fuel wise, hydro reservoir position/% achievement of targets/ loss of generations etc. and preparation of Report to be send to MoP on monthly basis.
  4. Assessment of Annual Generation Targets in co-ordination with RPCs and Generating utilities considering fuel requirement, past performance of existing power plants, maintenance schedule, merit order dispatch, demand assessment, PPA, FSA, generation from new units, grid constraints etc.
  5. Provide guidance to generating utilities for finalization of their generation targets and also providing inputs to GM/ RPCs for preparation of Load Generation Balance Report and anticipated demand and supply position
  6. Assistance to MoP in analysis of generation performance and preparation of various reports, e.g. poor performing plants more than 25 years old, Reserve Shut down/Low system demand, High Renewable generation penetration, reducing PLF etc. Providing inputs to MoP for Projection of Generation Targets plan wise..
  7. Comprehensive Performance Award Scheme of MoP for Nuclear Power Stations: Evaluation of award
  8. Preparation of Review of Performance of Thermal power stations on annual Basis. The parameters in the review include Plant Load Factor (PLF), Operating Availability, Planned Maintenance, Forced Outages, Partial Outages, Auxiliary power consumption, specific fuel consumption and station heat rate.