Grid Management Division

Grid Management Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Brieflee Lyngkhoi

Activity of Grid Management Division
  1. Monitoring and supervision of all the five Regional Grids and on All India basis.
  2. Allocation of unallocated and surrendered power of central generating stations to various beneficiaries.
  3. Promotion of transfer of power from the surplus to the deficit areas.
  4. Preparation of monthly power supply position in the country on All India/ Regional/ State basis
  5. Preparation of annual Load Generation Balance Report.
  6. Preparation of Monthly Power Supply Position.
  7. Re-allocation of power from Central Generating Stations consequent to the reorganization of states.
  8. Preparation of material for replies to Parliament Questions, Calling Attention Motions, VIP references etc. related to Grid Management.
  9. Providing assistance to committees constituted by Government of India on grid disturbance issues including appearance before CERC on petition relating to grid operation matters.
  10. Co-ordination / formulation of Technical Standards and Regulations on grid connectivity of transmission lines.
  11. Co-ordination of budget of RPCs and budget of the schemes implemented by GM Division.
  12. Formulation and implementation of new schemes for RPCs / GM Division etc.
  13. All technical, operational and commercial matters related to grid management.
  14. Works related to transmission availability award scheme.

Grid Management Division - Reports

Grid Management Division - Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia plants connectivity with the Grid