Grid Management Division

Grid Management Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri Chandra Prakash

Activity of Grid Management Division
  1. Monitoring and supervision of operation of all the five Regional Grids and All India integrated Grid;
  2. Allocation of unallocated and surrendered power from Central Sector Generating Stations to various beneficiaries for ensuring adequate availability of power;
  3. Designated as Nodal Division for formulation of CEA Regulations on Technical Standards for Connectivity to the Grid and Grid Standards on operation and maintenance of transmission lines;
  4. Management of all matters related to integrated operation of the Regional Grids and National Grid
  5. Preparation of monthly Power Supply Position Report of the country and the annual Load Generation Balance Report on State/Regional/All India basis;
  6. Analysis of data for recommendation of award under the Transmission Availability Category of the Comprehensive Award Scheme for Meritorious Performance in Power Sector;
  7. Co-ordination of the activities of Regional Power Committees (RPCs).

Grid Management Division - Reverse Charging of Grid from Batteries of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Grid Management Division - Reports

Grid Management Division - Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia plants connectivity with the Grid