Power System Communication Development Division

Power System Communication Development Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Shri S K Maharana

Activity of Power System Communication Development Division
  1. To ensure protection of electric signaling and telecommunication lines of Railways, Defense and Telcos from EMI caused by electric lines..
  2. Coordinating works related to Power & Telecommunication Coordination Committee (PICC).
  3. Development of reliable communication system for power system operation.
  4. Specifying guidelines for overhead transmission lines and underground power cables in proximity of telecom lines.
  5. Knowledge assimilation and training to engineers of power and telecom utilities for Power Telecom Coordination (PTC) work.
  6. Resolving re-engineering issues between power and telecom utilities.
  7. Frequency Allocation for PLCC communication.
  8. Framing of regulations/guidelines /policies /manual for communication system in Power Sector.
  9. Computation of Low Frequency Induction (LFI) in block and telecom circuits of BSNL, Railways and Defense in the vicinity of electric lines as mandated under CEA Safety regulations.
  10. Verifying EPR zones of substations for Power and Telecommunication Co­ ordination Committee (PTCC) route approvals.
  11. Frequency Allocation for PLCC communication.
  12. Framing short term and perspective plan of communication network for Power System Operation.
  13. Framing norms for operation and maintenance of communication network.
  14. Provide technical advice to power utilities in power system communication and energy management system.
  15. Works related to various Committee /Team constituted by CEA/MoP:
    • a. Committee on Ease of Doing Business-Reducing Regulatory Burden.
    • b. Team to explore the possibilities of development of an indigenous SCADA/EMS software for power system management.
    • c. BIS Committees: ETD 46 - Grid integration and LID 10 - Power system control and associated communication.
  16. Reply to Parliament QuestionsNIP references and dissemination of information under Right to Information Act, 2005.