Ultra Mega Power Project Division

Ultra Mega Power Project Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Smt. Seema Saxena

Activity of Ultra Mega Power Project Division
  1. Selection of sites for Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPPs).
  2. Coordination and investigation of sites for UMPPs
  3. Requesting states for requirement from Power upcoming UMPPs
  4. Evaluation of feasibility and viability of UMPPs
  5. Examination of Pre-Feasibility Report (PFR) and Detailed Project Report (DPR) for UMPPs, different site specific studies reports
  6. Monitor the implementation of UMPPs after transfer to the developer upto COD of the project.
  7. Technical assistance to PFC starting from selection of site upto transfer of the project to the developer.
  8. Any other work related to UMPPs assigned to this division.
  9. Parliament Questions, VIP References, RTI matters, matters related to Standing committees and other committees, ISO related work.
  10. Any other work/task assigned from time to time.

Ultra Mega Power Project Division - Reports