Power Data Management Division

Power Data Management Division - Brief Description

Chief Engineer : Mr. Irfan Ahmad

Activity of Power Data Management Division
  1. Publication & publication of Statistics concerning Installed Capacity, Generation, Transmission, Trading, Distribution and Utilization of Electricity i.e.
    1. Publication of All India Annual Electricity Statistics- General Review
    2.  Publication of Growth of Electricity Sector since 1947-onwards
    3.  Quarterly Monitoring of Per Capita Consumption of Electricity.
    4.  Preparation of Monthly Report of All India Installed Generating Capacity
      1.  Review State-wise Installed Generating Capacity based on PPA.
      2.  State-wise Installed Capacity based on Central Pool Allocation.
  2. Standing Committee for uprating / derating and retirement of Thermal, Hydro Generating Units.
  3. Parliament Questions, VIP References, RTI matter, matter related to Standing Committees and other committees, ISO related work etc.

Power Data Management Division - Other Reports