Creation of Market Monitoring Cell (Electricity Markets)

Ministry of Power vide letter dated 25.03.2019 requested CEA to create and operationalize a Market Monitoring Cell in CEA for deepening the Electricity Market in India, which, inter-alia includes study /analysis of the development of Electricity Markets and monitoring on the short term electricity transactions happening on the Power Exchanges in the country. Accordingly, a Market Monitoring Cell (MMC) has been formulated in CEA under the Regulatory Affairs (RA) Division of CEA. MMC, CEA started preparing the monthly reports since April, 2019.

The monthly reports being published by MMC created under RA Division, CEA since April, 2019 onwards till date contains the details of volume and price of Electricity transacted, transmission congestion, real time curtailment etc. on Day Ahead Market (DAM) and Term Ahead Market (TAM) in both the Power Exchanges of India i.e IEX and PXIL. Since 1st June, 2020, the details on Real Time Market (RTM) is also being included. The reports published by MMC are available under Monthly Reports heading in the CEA’s website.