सीमापार विद्युत व्यापार (सी.बी.टी ई. )

In order to facilitate and promote cross border trade of electricity with greater transparency, consistency and predictability in regulatory approaches across jurisdictions and minimise perception of regulatory risks; Ministry of Power, Govt. of India has issued the guidelines on Cross Border Trade of Electricity on 5th December, 2016.

Ministry of Power, vide office Memorandum No.14/1/2016-Trans dated 14th December, 2016, had notified Member (Power System), CEA as the ‘Designated Authority’ for carrying out the functions prescribed under the Guidelines.

Ministry of Power, vide office Memorandum No.14/1 /2017-Trans dated 25th April, 2017 had notified the Member (Power System), CEA as ‘Competent Authority’ for the purpose of discharging functions as specified in Clause 8.2 of the CBTE.

Designated AuthorityCompetent Authority
Conduct of Business Rules have been temporarily withdrawnConduct of Business Rules